A detailed analysis of Trump and what his campaign means for America, this book includes over 100 infographics and photos alongside a lucid and heartfelt treatise. Trump: Monster Or Hero is a revealing book for America, a ray of light to aid the American people as they enter a dark and precarious time. Why has a Kuwaiti written about Trump? The Kuwaiti people are completely thankful to the Americans for the liberation of their country. Just as the Kuwaitis were helped by the US and our mutual allies, in whatever way they were able to, we too hope that the Americans accept this important advice from a Kuwaiti regarding the danger of Trump for both America and the world.


The most important book you will read this election season!

The book delivers its messages in the language of numbers and is full of facts and figures to prove its points and establish accurate perspectives. The voters will become enlightened by the facts that Mr. AlAnjari has uncovered and made easy to understand.